A North America Perspective

  • Date: Wednesday, Nov 4, 2020
  • Time: 18:00
  • Location: Online
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Prior to the annual American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress, RCSI President Ronan O’Connell hosted a set of virtual Interview with RCSI Fellows and Colleagues to get a North American Perspective, we are incorporating these interviews into this week’s webinar:


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Professor Ronan O'Connell

President of RCSI
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Professor Vivian McAlister

Angus D. McLachlin Professor of Surgery at the University of Western Ontario and General Surgeon, University Hospital London, Ontario
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Professor Maria B. Majella Doyle

Vice-Chair of Clinical Operations, Department of Surgery at Washington University in St. Louis
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Professor Conor Delaney

CEO and President, Cleveland Clinic Florida Region
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Dr Keith D. Lillemoe

Surgeon in Chief at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Editor-in-Chief of the Annals of Surgery

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