The mission of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers is to recognise and celebrate  the role of surgical trainers.

The Faculty’s core objective is the pursuit of excellence in surgical training with the specific goal of improving how postgraduate training is delivered leading to an improved training experience and ultimately better patient outcomes.

Terms of Reference

The Faculty of Surgical Trainers role is to promote, enhance and support the role of the surgical trainer.

The establishment of a Faculty of Surgical Trainers is a recognition that the development and further improvement of surgical training will contribute to the goal of developing the highest standards of professionalism and patient care.

The Faculty will pursue the following objectives;

  • Recognise the role that trainers play in the delivery of surgical training
  • Advocate on behalf of trainers
  • Develop programs that will support and develop consultant surgeons in their roles as trainers
  • Reward excellence in training Improve the standard of teaching of postgraduate medical education within the RCSI and clinical training sites
  • The Faculty will support specialities in the delivery of the Core and Specialty curriculums
  • Explore the development and recognition of professional pathways for surgical trainers
  • Champion the continuing excellence in postgraduate surgical training as a whole
  • Develop training initiatives that focus on equipping trainees to work in a multi-disciplinary working environment
  • Design and deliver a communication strategy that promotes and disseminates the messages that excellent postgraduate training means excellent and safe patient care


Key Deliverables

Key deliverables for the faculty will include;

  • The Introduction of a program to recognize the achievements and excellence in Postgraduate Training
  • The development of supports to help trainers across the country in their difficult role
  • Developing a Training stream for all Surgical Trainer
  • Development of Standards for postgraduate Trainers that will provide support and direction to Trainers delivering training in an increasingly complex environment
  • Benchmarking the delivery of training in Ireland against international developments and best practice.


Membership Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for membership of the faculty are:

  • Hold a permanent consultant contract within the public health systems on the island of Ireland
  • Hold Specialist Registration in good standing with the Medical Council of Ireland or GMC.
  • Have an active, informed and continued interest in the postgraduate surgical education on the island of Ireland.
  • Practice in a hospital which is recognized for training in the appropriate surgical specialty and be the registered Assigned Educational Supervisor or Clinical Supervisor for trainees on the national surgical training programmes on the island of Ireland.
  • Completed an RCSI recognized train the trainer programme within the last 4 years
  • Membership application is supported by the Specialty Training Committee or ISPTC.


Application for Membership

In order to apply for membership, each application will be considered by the relevant Specialty Training Committee. Following consideration, the committee can then propose individual trainers for membership following the successful completion of a recognized train the trainer programme.

Existing Trainers can avail of a “grandfathering” process where they can be nominated by the specialty training committee. Membership through the “grandfather” route is contingent on the successful completion of an RCSI recognised trainer the trainer course within a three year period of their appointment to the Faculty. The “grandfathering “period will run from June 2019 to March 2020.

Membership Benefits

The benefits of membership of the faculty include:

  • Access to Trainers Support Portal
  • Access to RCSI Library and e-Journal Portal
  • Access to research support software, SPSS, EndNote, Lynda.com, Nature Masterclasses Online
  • Welcome / Onboarding pack
  • Access to trainers e-zine
  • Access to annual training stream at RCSI conference
  • Access to development funding and research grant
  • Access to Surgical Affairs Professional Education and Learning Programme
  • Access to committees and short-lived working groups linked to enhancing the development of training



The Faculty through the Chair will report directly to the ISPTC

 Structure of Faculty

The Faculty of Surgical Training Committee will advise and support the faculty in implementing its mission. The Chair will be appointed by the President of RCSI. The term of the position will be 2 years. A representative from each Surgical Specialty will be appointed from the Faculty. Members of the department of Surgical Affairs will support the committee in achieving its mission.


The Faculty meetings will take place three times a year with one meeting to include an annual Surgical Training conference


Administrative support will be provided by the Surgical Affairs department at the RCSI