Communication skills for telephone consultation

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Course Description

Many healthcare staff are now carrying out consultations on the telephone. This is often a type of consultation that staff have not encountered prior to COVID-19 and can be an area of anxiety. Applying the core skills of the Calgory-Cambridge Guide to telephone consultations provides a structured and patient-centered approach.

This course contains four sections as follows:

  1. Objectives
  2. Video tutorials
  3. Scenario 1: Routine telephone consultation
  4. Scenario 2: Delivering bad news (during COVID-19)

Course Objectives

Discuss: Discuss advantages and disadvantages of telephone consulting

Identify: Identify key skills from the Calgary Cambridge Guide which are particularly important for telephone consultations.

Understand: Understand how to apply the Calgary Cambridge Guide to telephone consultations including delivering bad news on the phone

Appreciate: Appreciate the impact receiving bad news can have on patients

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