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Course Description

Surgical Trainers crestThe Train the Trainer course is an integral part of the education and support programme the RCSI offers Surgical Trainers.

Successful completion of the course is a requirement for membership of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers.

A number of courses are held each year. If you are interested in booking a place on one of the upcoming course please complete the form below

The programme for the course is outline below.

Module 7/8 C1.1
Title Train the Trainer: Skills for giving effective feedback
Participants Specialist Tegistrars in Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Opthalmology
  1. To introduce concept of using effective feedback to improve performance
  2. To provide opportunity to assess performance and give feedback in an immersive, high-fidelity environment.
Learning Outcomes At the end of the module the trainees should be able to:

  1. To demonstrate skills for giving effective feedback on performance.
  2. To practice de-briefing techniques.
  3. To critically evaluate existing frameworks for giving feedback in the clinical and simulation environment.
Content Description
  • Introduction
  • Teaching and feedback exercise: Lego construction
  • Principles of coaching and debriefing skills: 'with good judgement; frames
  • Liminality feedback exercise: poem
  • Communications skills recap video (EM doc)
  • Demonstrate feedback from videos (RCSI)
  • High-fidelity practice (two scenarios): debriefing the debriefer.
  • ABP4 - Seeks and accepts feedback from multiple sources; reflects and acts upon the feedback to improve behaviour and performance.
  • ABP8 - Can identify inappropriate behaviour in others and recognise patterns of behaviour in healthcare professionals that may be detrimental to safe patient care.
  • P6 - Actively seeks opportunities and challenges for personal learning and development.
    Recognises the importance of teaching and being an effective role model with junior colleagues.
  • P8 - Encourages colleagues and other staff express their concerns and preferences.
  • C11 - Communicates effectively and collaboratively with interprofessional and interdisciplinary colleagues.
  • TW11 - Is a mentor and good role model to junior staff and other healthcare professions.
  • L5 - Demonstrates an awareness of the benefits of an open/learning culture.
  • EH6

Membership of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers

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