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Course Overview

This training programme will enable participants to use the NQAIS Clinical system to extract data on each patient discharged from an acute hospital for the past five years.

The data includes over 275 possible pieces of information on each patient, e.g. principal and secondary diagnoses, principal and secondary procedures performed, admitting, discharging and principal consultant team, days spent in ICU or CCU, outcome (discharged alive or dead), transfer to and from hospitals and much more.

Participants will be able to filter the data they require and put it into a report format. The training session is interactive therefore a two way discussion is part of the programme.

CPD Credits

2 CPD credits

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge on how to filter the data you require from the NQAIS Clinical system.
  • Knowledge of how to produce reports on your findings.
  • Access to the research guide for carrying out research using NQAIS Clinical.
  • Access to other pieces of research carried out using NQAIS Clinical.
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