The Faculty of Surgical Trainers was established with a singular objective to advance the overall training experience that will lead to improvements in patient care.

Medical education is unique for the emphasis placed on patient care specifically at the point of delivery of training.

The surgical training environment has changed over the past number of years for all specialties with the introduction of structural changes to the programme.

The most notable changes include;

  • The new training pathway
  • The development of new training roles at clinical sites
  • More stringest assessment process
  • Increased contact with trainees
  • The development of mentoring programmes

These initiatives which have been designed to enhance the training programme have impacted the role of consultant trainer and the role therefore has undoubtedly become more onerous.

The RCSI has always taken a proactive approach to training and acknowledges the importance of improving the training experience for all those involved not the just the recipients of training.

The central goal of the faculty is to support trainers in their role as lead educators for the next generation of surgeons.