Aspire Post CSCST Fellowship Program

Aspire Fellowships in Surgery - RCSI

RCSI has partnered with HSE NDTP to establish a number of world class Post CSCST Fellowships.

The Aspire Fellowship is a 12-month program for doctors in receipt of a CSCST from an Irish Postgraduate Training Body. The Program offers exceptional individuals high-quality training and exposure to speciality training and advanced clinical skills, in addition to an SpR salary for the duration of the fellowship.

There are 40 world-class Aspire fellships permanently established across the acute, primary care and mental health specialities.

Aspire Post CSCST Fellowships offer:

  • A structured educational experience
  • A personal supervisor
  • Opportunities for audit and research
  • SpR salary for the duration of the fellowship


2024 Programme Timeline

May 17th - July 31st: Call for proposals

July 31st - Sept 21st: The Postgraduate Training Body establishes a panel for the review and selection of fellowships with input from relevant faculty and NCAGL/NCPs

Sept 25th: Fellowships will be confirmed

Oct 2nd: Fellowship positions will be advertised

Dec 18th: Final date for prospective fellows to apply for positions

2024 Program Information


DURATION: 12 months

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must hold a CSCST from an Irish Postgraduate Training Body and be within three years of completion of Higher Specialist Training in July 2024 or have entered the specialist division of the MCI register withing two years.

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: RCSI have an open call for proposal until August 21st, 2023. You can download program information and the application form in the link below.

APPLICATIONS: Aspire Fellowship positions commencing in July 2024 will be advertised on this page in October 2023. We will also post on our social media account.

Please submit applications to :

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