May be indicated when more than one week of fasting has occurred or is anticipated & is usually performed as part of another intra-abdominal operation.


  • Identify the proximal jejunum.
  • Choose the first or second loop as the loop to be brought up for the jejunostomy.
  • A stab incision into the jejunum allows insertion & distal threading of a commercially available jejunostomy tube. This is held in situ with a series of purse-string sutures.
  • The tube is brought through the abdominal wall via a separate stab.
  • The jejunum is anchored to the inside of the peritoneal wall with absorbable sutures.
  • The jejunostomy tube is sutured to the abdominal skin to prevent dislocation.

Postoperative Management

Commence jejunal feeding at slow rate immediately postoperatively.

Main Postoperative Complications

  • Delayed jejunal peristalsis with prolonged nasogastric aspirate.
  • Jejunostomy leak