Aspire Post CCST Fellowship: Breast Reconstruction

PostDurationCommencingEligibilityApplication Form
Cork University Hospital1 YearJuly 2024Available to doctors who have obtained CCST and are within two years of post CCST* or eligible for entry into the division of plastic, reconstructive and asthetic surgery. Applications for this Fellowship will be accepted from surgical trainees in any surgical discipline.Informal enquires to Mr Justin Chatterjee:

TO APPLY interested candidates must submit the following to   

  • Up to date Curriculum Vitae including Logbook
  • Statement of interest

*Closing date on the 31st January 2024

Fellowship Details

The Fellowship will provide sub-specialty training in Breast Reconstruction.

Fellowship Supervisor & Director : Mr Justin Chatterjee FRCSEd(Plast), FRCSC

Fellowship Duration: 12 Months

Cork University Hospital Breast Unit is one of the largest Breast Cancer Units in Ireland.  There are 8 Consultants who undertake Breast Reconstruction surgery from the Breast Unit and Plastic Surgery Unit, including Oncoplastic Breast Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons.

Fellowship components:


  • Outpatient Care: Specialist Breast Reconstruction Clinic
    • 2 Clinics per week
    • Seeing New and Return patients requiring Total or Partial Breast Reconstruction.
    • Symptomatic and Screening patients requiring therapeutic oncological resection (Mastectomy / Breast Conservation Surgery) and Reconstruction (Total / Partial Reconstruction).
    • Genetic patients requiring Risk Reduction Mastectomies & Total Breast Reconstruction
    • Delayed Reconstruction patients who have completed Oncological Surgery, Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy
    • Congenital Breast Hypoplasia/Aplasia both Syndromic & Non-Syndromic

  • Combined Oncoplastic Breast Surgery MDM
    • Fortnightly
    • Overseeing, preparation and presentation of the combined Oncoplastic Breast Surgery MDT
    • Complex clinical cases are presented and discussed at this MDM to identify the most appropriate management of patients. Decision making regarding Breast Conservation Surgery, Mastectomy, Oncoplastic approaches, Volume Replacement / Therapeutic Mammoplasty / and Bracketing techniques are made.

    Combined Oncoplastic Breast Surgery & Genetics MDM

    • Monthly
    • Preparation and presentation of Genetic cases at the Combined Oncoplastic Breast Surgery & Genetics MDT
    • Genetic & High Risk complex clinical cases are presented and discussed at this MDT to determine the most appropriate management plan in regard to screening, risk reduction surgery and the timing of surgery.

    Breast Cancer MDM

    • Weekly
    • Attendance at the Breast Cancer MDM
    • Screening and Symptomatic case management; Diagnostic, Postoperative, Oncology

    Theatre / Operating Room: Breast Reconstruction Cases

    • Immediate and Delayed Breast Reconstruction Theatre cases. 2-3 Days per week
    • There is a strong ethos of a combined Oncoplastic approach to all Immediate Breast Reconstruction cases working closely with the Breast Oncology Surgeons
    • Training in pre-operative marking and planning, safe patient positioning, perioperative management including intraoperative block techniques for pain management
    • Alloplastic Reconstruction: Implant based, Acellular Dermal Matrix assisted
    • Autologous Reconstruction: Pedicled Flap & Microsurgical Flap Reconstruction
    • Breast Conservation Surgery: Therapeutic Mammoplasty, Perforator Flaps
    • Secondary Reconstructive Cases: Revisional surgery, Contralateral Mastopexy-Reduction, Fat grafting, Nipple Reconstruction

    Inpatient Care: Perioperative management of Breast Reconstruction patients

    • Post-operative management of Breast Reconstruction ward patients
    • Identification and coordination of patients requiring return to theatre
    • Discharge planning linking patients back to the Breast Reconstruction Clinic and communication with Breast Care Nurses to allow seamless pathway for patients

The post holder is expected to undertake a Research project during the fellowship related to Breast Reconstruction. This may be epidemiological research although anatomical research can be supported via the ASSERT centre at University College Cork.  It is anticipated that the Fellow will work towards the preparation and presentation of work at National and or International Meetings, as well as submission of Research to peer reviewed journals.

It is envisaged that the Fellow will take a lead in Implementation of the BreastQ to gather prospective data on Health Related Quality of Life outcomes in relation to Breast Reconstruction at Cork University Hospital.

The Post Holder is expected to attend the Plastic Surgery Department weekly meeting. This meeting rotates and entails; Journal Club, Research Meetings, Audit Meetings and Case Conference.

One session of the timetable will be allocated for Research and Audit.

It would be expected that the Fellow provide of out of hours Breast Reconstruction oncall cover for return to theatre cases to further their experience in management of complications.

The Core Curriculum will cover:

  1. Breast Cancer - Surgical Management - Knowledge
  2. Breast reconstruction
  3. Implant based techniques Reconstruction
    1. Implants
    2. Expanders
    3. Acellular Dermal Matrix assisted
  4. Autologous tissue based techniques;
    1. Pedicled Flaps - Extended Latissimus Dorsi Flaps
    2. Free Flaps - DIEP Flaps
  5. Breast Conservation Surgery
  6. Therapeutic Mammoplasty
  7. Perforator Flaps (TDAP, LICAP, MICAP)
  8. Symmetrising Surgery - Breast Reduction / Mastopexy
  9. Fat Grafting
  10. Nipple Reconstruction

Although a significant proportion of the reconstruction will include microvascular exposure, this is not a dedicated microsurgical fellowship, rather, this is a comprehensive Breast Reconstruction fellowship for plastic surgeons that have completed their training and wish to develop and refine their subspecialty skills in the management of Breast Reconstruction prior to taking up a Breast Reconstructive Consultant position.  This Fellowship is intended to equip a Post CCST Trainee with the skill set to become a proficient Breast Reconstructive Surgeon.

Applications Timeframe: 

  • Closing date on the 31st January 2024

Informal enquires to Mr Justin Chatterjee:

TO APPLY interested candidates must submit the following to   

  • Up to date Curriculum Vitae including Logbook
  • Statement of interest

Confirmation of CCST date or proof of application submission or attainment of registration  specialist division Post CCST Fellowship in Breast Reconstruction, Irish Medical Council or proof of application submission or attainment of registration  specialist division Post CCST Fellowship in Breast Reconstruction Irish Medical Council

*The RCSI/NDTP recognise that those currently in Training with an expected CCST in  2024 may not fall in line with a CCST date of June 2020 and applications will be considered from interested candidates who may have a CCST within a reasonable timeframe of commencement of the fellowship.