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Aspire Fellowship Post 2020

Aspire Fellow in Epilepsy Surgery

Beaumont Hospital/RCSI would like to invite eligible applicants for a unique one year “Aspire” Fellowship position incorporating training in all facets of complex epilepsy surgery in both adults and paediatrics, this will also involve a very interesting research opportunity with the renowned future neuro group.

Applicants must hold CCST or be eligible for CCST by July 2020. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to work full time in Beaumont and RCSI in a fellowship capacity. Complex resections, SEEG with robot, VNS and all other cases types will be available for teaching and access to ground breaking genetic projects in future neuro will also be encouraged.

Closing date for submission of Curriculum vitae and statement of interest is 27th March 2020.

Overview of the epilepsy neurosurgery programme at Beaumont Hospital

  • The epilepsy neurosurgery programme at Beaumont hospital is one of the largest in Europe and renowned throughout the world. Moreover, as the only centre for epilepsy surgery in the country, we offer an unique and specialized surgical environment which delivers the highest possible standards in patient care, service delivery and research advances. This is combined with Beaumont hospital’s primary academic partner, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland’s largest medical school with an international reputation for educational excellence in Healthcare. Third, the fellowship builds on a decade of collaborative work with neuroscientists at RCSI who lead the FutureNeuro Research Centre, a €10 Mio facility hosted at RCSI with world-class facilities and research programmes focused on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy and other brain diseases. Together, the proposed fellowship in epilepsy surgery will provide the successful candidate an unique opportunity to undertake specialist neurosurgical training and education along with pursuing cutting-edge research led by a world-leading team of experimental neuroscientists and supported by the FutureNeuro Research centre.
  • The epilepsy neurosurgery programme at Beaumont hospital cares for adult and paediatric patients and performs on average 90 resective cases per annum and approximately 100 vagal nerve stimulator (vns) cases per annum. It is also branching out in to the gold standard of invasive monitoring and has recently received funding for a robot for stereo-EEG depth electrode placement. This significantly raises the potential diagnostic excellence of the team and further improve the precision of our operations. The neurosurgery team has recently expanded, with a new colleague - Mr Kieron Sweeney - thus further increasing the candidate’s training and practice opportunities. Together, the team have three operating lists per week ensuring excellent opportunities for exposure to epilepsy surgery cases. Cases performed include temporal lobe surgery, awake craniotomy cases, invasive (depth EEG) monitoring, disconnections, complex mapping/resections and extra temporal lobe cases. Working with Mr O’Brien, Mr Sweeney and their teams, the Fellow will have outstanding opportunities for training in each of these operation types and using the latest operational technologies. In addition to the direct neurosurgery team, the Fellow will benefit from outstanding opportunities to interact with and carry out collaborative research with colleagues in neurology, neurophysiology and neuropathology. The Fellow will be able to select from a range of research projects spanning investigations of neurophysiological functions of brain tissue, probing the molecular landscape of the epileptic brain at single cell level and detecting bioactive molecule release from deep brain structures during epileptic brain activity. Their research will be supported by the world-class research facilities and research teams at the FutureNeuro Research Centre, which includes teams pursuing cuttingedge research on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of chronic and rare brain diseases, with epilepsy as a central focus.
  • At the end of this surgical experience, the Fellow will be highly prized for their training, education and research experience and able to work as an epilepsy neurosurgeon anywhere in the world.

Contact Information

Submit your application to Niamh Carroll

If you require any further information please contact:

Professor Donncha O'Brien

Mr David Henshall