Error, risk and safety in hospital practice resources

Document TitlePDF/LINK
Error risk & safety in hospital practiceCHECK BACK LATER
Advancing the science of patient safetyCHECK BACK LATER
Errors in the operating theatre - How to spot and stop themCHECK BACK LATER
Law society gazette - Medical neglienceCHECK BACK LATER
Research in medical errorCHECK BACK LATER
Safe surgery checklistCHECK BACK LATER
Patient handovers within the hospital: Translating knowledge from motor racingCHECK BACK LATER
The WHO safety checklist to healthcareCHECK BACK LATER
The ERR is human: Building a safer health systemCHECK BACK LATER
Effect of a comprehensive safety: Implementation manual surgical safetyCHECK BACK LATER
World alliance for patient safety: Implementation manual surgical safetyCHECK BACK LATER
Elaine Bromiley: Just a routine checklistCHECK BACK LATER

Professional interactions

Document TitlePDF/LINK
Bullying, harassment & underminingCHECK BACK LATER
Physicians scores on a national clinical skills examination as predictors of complaints to medical regulatory authoritiesCHECK BACK LATER
Course outline[Offline]CHECK BACK LATER
Slowing down when you should: A new modle of expert judgementCHECK BACK LATER
Disciplinary action by medical boards & prior behavior in medical schoolCHECK BACK LATER
The relationship between measures of unprofessional behavior during medical school and indices on the california pyschological inventoryCHECK BACK LATER
Professional interactionsCHECK BACK LATER
Professional interactions programme [Offline]CHECK BACK LATER
Chemical dependecy and the physicianCHECK BACK LATER
Does rudeness really matter? The effects of rudeness on task performance and helpfulnessCHECK BACK LATER
Association of coworker reports about unprofessional behavior by surgeons with surgical completions in their patientsCHECK BACK LATER

Talking to patients and relatives

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Surgeons tone of voice: A clue to malpractice historyCHECK BACK LATER
Beyond consent: Improving understanding in surgical patientsCHECK BACK LATER
"Building" a history rather than "Taking" oneCHECK BACK LATER
Communication skill checklistCHECK BACK LATER
Relationship, communicaton and efficiency in the medical encounterCHECK BACK LATER
Physician communication when prescribing new medicationsCHECK BACK LATER
Course outline 2018 - 2019CHECK BACK LATER
Discussion of evidence re-communication when prescribingCHECK BACK LATER
Effective physician - patient communication and health outcomes: A reviewCHECK BACK LATER
The devil is in the third year: A longitudinal study of erosion of empathy in medical schoolCHECK BACK LATER
Does physician - patient communcation that aims at empowering patients improve clinical outcome? A case studyCHECK BACK LATER
The influence of the patient - clinician relationship on healthcare outcomes: A systematic review and meta - analysis of randomized controlled trialsCHECK BACK LATER
How does communication heal? Pathways linking clinician - patient communication to health outcomesCHECK BACK LATER
Physician scores on a national clinical skills examination as predictors of complaints to medical regulatory authoritiesCHECK BACK LATER
Missed opportunities for internal empathy in lung cancer communicationCHECK BACK LATER
National patient experience surveyCHECK BACK LATER
Eliciting the patients agenda: Secondary analysis of recorded clinical encountersCHECK BACK LATER
Shared decision makingCHECK BACK LATER
Talking to patients and relativesCHECK BACK LATER