21st century professionalism

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Advanced communication: Advocacy and negotiation

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The assisted decision making (capacity) act 2015: Interpretation and practical applicationCHECK BACK LATER
iValidate: A communication - based clinical intervention in life limiting illnessCHECK BACK LATER
A prospective observational study of prevalence and outcomes of patients with gold standard framework criteria in a tertiary regional Australian hospitalCHECK BACK LATER
Doctors need to improve their conservations with dying patientsCHECK BACK LATER
Effect of communication skills training on outcomes in critically ill patients with life-limiting illness referred for intensive care management: A before and after studyCHECK BACK LATER
Patient values informing medical treatment: A pilot community and advance care planning surveyCHECK BACK LATER
Prevalence, goals of care and long-term outcomes of patients with life-limiting illness referred to a tertiary ICUCHECK BACK LATER
Guidelines for Communicating Clearly using Plain English with our Patients and Service UsersCLICK HERE

Bias & diversity

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Leadership: Current theories, research, and future directionsCHECK BACK LATER
Why should anyone be led by you: Robert Goffeel & Gareth JonesCHECK BACK LATER
In praise of the incomplete leaderCHECK BACK LATER
What leaders really doCHECK BACK LATER
Leadership from a dancing guyCHECK BACK LATER
Healthcare leadership model: The nine dimensions of leadership behaviourCHECK BACK LATER
What makes a leaderCHECK BACK LATER

Leading in acute events

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Safety management systems

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Barriers and facilitators related to the implementation of surgical safety checklists: A systematic review of the qualitative evidenceCHECK BACK LATER
The problem with '5 whys'CHECK BACK LATER
The problem with checklistsCHECK BACK LATER
Slowing down when you should: A new model of export judgementCHECK BACK LATER
The devil is in the third year: A longitudinal study of erosion of empathy in medical schoolCHECK BACK LATER
How to develop and implement a safety and health management systemCHECK BACK LATER
Harnessing implementation science to improve care quality and patient safety: A systematic review of targeted literatureCHECK BACK LATER
The problem with preventable deathsCHECK BACK LATER
The problem with incident reportingCHECK BACK LATER
Disciplinary action by medical boards and prior behaviour in medical schoolCHECK BACK LATER
The relationship between measures of unprofessional behavior during medical school and indices on the California psychological inventoryCHECK BACK LATER
The problem with medication reconciliationCHECK BACK LATER
An intervention to decrease catheter-related bloodstream infections in the ICUCHECK BACK LATER
The problem with plan-do-study-act cyclesCHECK BACK LATER
Safety management systemsCHECK BACK LATER
Successful implementation of an enhanced recovery after surgery programme for elective colerectal surgery: A process evaluation of champions experiencesCHECK BACK LATER
Chemical dependency and the physicianCHECK BACK LATER
Does rudeness really matter? The effects of rudeness on task performance and helpfulnessCHECK BACK LATER

Train the trainer

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