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  • Key Dates The 8 successful 2021 Aspire Fellowships will be announced early in 2021. The 2021 Aspire Fellowships will then be advertised to doctors that have received CSCST from an Irish PGTB but will be no more than 3 years post CSCST in July 2021.
  • Applications Applications will be open from August 4th to September 14th.
  • Please Note Applications should be submitted for review and recommendation by Prof. Traynor

The National Doctor’s Training and Planning Unit (NDTP) has announced the opening date for the NDTP Aspire Post CSCST Fellowship.

NDTP in conjunction with the Acute Hospital Division launched the NDTP Aspire Fellowship Awards in 2017 with an aim of stimulating the creation and introduction of 6 fully funded supernumerary post CSCST fellowships. July 2018 also saw an introduction of 2 further Aspire fellowships funded by the NDTP in conjunction with the Mental Health Directorate.

NDTP has launched the call for Aspire proposals from potential supervisors for post CSCT fellowships. Successful proposals will be selected as Aspire Fellowships. Proposals will be assessed on relevance to service requirements, quality/ innovative nature of fellowship, relevance of non-clinical component, and the existence of similar/existing fellowships.

NDTP funds the successful proposals and provides them with:

  • An SpR salary at the highest point of scale and headcount for the duration of the fellowship
  • Eligibility to access the Higher Specialist Training Fund during the fellowship
  • Formal recognition of achievement following completion of the fellowship from the relevant Irish Post Graduate Medical Education Body/Bodies
  • A high quality fellowship experience in Ireland that will improve competitiveness for positions within Ireland.

“I am currently completing the ASPIRE Fellowship in Early Pregnancy and Emergency Gynaecology in the Rotunda Maternity Hospital.
The ASPIRE fellowship has enabled me to gain valuable clinical experience in a niche area of my specialty, that was not possible to acquire during my HST training owing to other clinical commitments. It has allowed me the opportunity for additional training in a world class maternity hospital without having to move overseas. Aside from adding to my clinical knowledge, I have had the opportunity to be enhance my leadership and managerial skills through implementation of training programmes for junior colleagues as well as introducing a new clinical service to the hospital. Audit and research opportunities too have been facilitated, enhancing my prospects for future employment as a Consultant greatly.

I feel the fellowship had greatly aided my transition from the HST programme to a Consultant role, allowing me more independence and autonomy yet in a supportive environment among experienced colleagues. I would highly recommend the fellowship to colleagues at the same stage in their careers and encourage the expansion of the programme to allow more trainees the opportunity to complete the fellowship following completion of CSCST.”

Dr. Deirdre Hayes-Ryan, 2020 Aspire Fellow

I would absolutely recommend the ASPIRE Programme to anyone looking to drive change and innovation in their service. It does take time to apply and time to consider what you can offer the right candidate but the benefits that you will see as a result of having this fellowship are exceptional. I look forward to applying for the next ASPIRE Fellowship as it has been one of the single most positive changes to our service for the past number of years!

Dr Sharon Cooley, 2019 Aspire Supervisor

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