RCSI Medical Training Sim is the world’s first fully interactive medical training simulator to be released to the public onto the Oculus virtual reality platform (the Samsung Gear VR).

Developed by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) in conjunction with Immersive VR Education this Virtual Reality experience is designed for medical professionals and trainees to experience a fully immersive simulated management of a patient following a road traffic accident. Non-medical users can enjoy the alternative mode that guides and explains each step.

Standing in the shoes of the Emergency Department trauma team leader, they must assess their patient, make critical decisions in real time and perform life-saving operative procedures step-by-step just like real surgeons do in emergency departments all over the world every day.

This app includes an alternative, fully educational and didactic mode allowing those without medical training to practice their skills safely in this immersive virtual environment before they have to perform these procedures in real injured patients in the Emergency department.

RCSI is committed to exploring new technologies and is the first university in the world to release a VR surgical training application onto this publicly available platform.

In the past RCSI has invested in high end surgical simulators, but recently has been focusing on making training available in a more mobile form.

You can download this application for free today on the Samsung Gear VR (concepts section). It has had 15,000 downloads in its first week of release with a combined use time of over 75 days.





Goal of the app is?

This app provides a realistic accessible and safe environment for trainee surgeons to experience highly realistic clinical scenarios, make critical decisions and act on those decisions. This allows trainees to learn through experience in the simulator and better prepares them for real world experience where errors may be the difference between life and death.

Who it is for?

This application is focussed on providing both undergraduate medical students and post-graduate medical and surgical trainees with new learning opportunities. We have made it freely available so that those with an interest in the area can have some experience of what it is like to work in this pressured environment.

Key features of the app?

The application features an interactive encounter with a patient after a high-energy road traffic accident. Make life or death decisions in managing this patient in the Emergency Room while the clock is ticking.

The application features an alternative educational mode for the general public, providing those without medical training an immersive, didactic learning environment.

Benefits it provides?

This application provides a safe and realistic training platform to rehearse and simulate commonly encountered, intense life or death scenarios without consequences.

OS requirements / countries it is available in?

This application is currently released onto the Samsung Gear VR- Oculus Platform and is available worldwide for free.

Plans for the future of the app / series?

RCSI is exploring a concept it calls “RCSI Medical Training Sim” which aims to combine a series of hospital based learning experiences, all tied together using the virtual hospital as a hub. You can follow progress right here.