Self Help Groups

Is a national organistation which, through various media, provides information, education and support to the community on depression.
The Aware Support Line 1800 80 48 48, available Monday-Sunday, 10am to 10pm
Alcoholics Anonymous is an international organisation dedicated to providing support to individuals and families affected by alcohol misuse.
Bodywhys is the national support group for people affected by eating disorders.
LoCall helpline 1890 200 444
Pieta House offer a 24 hour helpline (1800 247 247) staffed by trained therapists and have centres around Ireland.
If you would like more detailed information, please visit
The 3Ts works in suicide prevention.
Visit their site on
3Ts is open Monday to Friday during office hours 9am to 5pm.
Telephone: +353 1 213 9905
The Samaritans provides one-to-one telephone support to people who are emotionally distressed.

  • 24 Hour Helpline: Freephone 116 123