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CAPA Forms:

Select the assessment type from the options below to download and print a blank form for your Consultant Trainer to complete.

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Trainee Assessment


Core Surgical Trainees are required to submit the following in each 6-month rotation:

  • 3 x SSAOP forms
  • 3 x SCA forms
  • 1 x Trainee Assessment Report– in ST2 this is completed by your Consultant Trainer. For ST1 trainees this must be completed by your HbDCST. Forms submitted without a signature from your HbDCST will not be included for scoring.
  • An eLogbook – signed by your Consultant Trainer.  The report must be extracted from mSurgery.

Completing a Competence Assessment and Performance Appraisals (CAPA) assessment form:

  1. Download and print the appropriate assessment form below
  2. The trainer observes the trainee (a) carrying out the operation (for SSAOP) or (b) in a clinical situation (for SCA).
  3. When the procedure/assessment has concluded the trainee and trainer complete the printed assessment form
  4. The trainer completes the final page with comments
  5. The trainee sends original form, signed by their Consultant Trainer (prior to the submission deadline 7th June 2016)

You will not be scored for more than 2 SSAOPs or 2 SCAs from any 1 consultant trainer. You must have at least 1 SSAOP and at least 1 SCA completed by a different Consultant member of your team. Forms will only be accepted from permanent consultants on the specialist register with the IMC. Forms completed by locums or SpRs will not be accepted.

Submitting CAPA Assessment Forms:

All forms must be submitted 7th June 2016 deadline. No marks will be awarded to any paperwork received after this date. Please return completed forms to:  Zoë Cruise, National Surgical Training Centre, RCSI House, 121/122 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2, or email: zoecruise@rcsi.ie

CAPA 2016 (Summer Session):

CAPA for CST trainees will be held on Tuesday 21st June 2016.


If you have any problems with the site please contact:

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