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Welcome to the RCSI journal club. The articles selected are varied and synopsised into 2-3 minute informative videos to keep you up to date on the go. If you are interested in the subject of the article you can click on the button below the video to see the Full text.

For those interested in fulfilling their continuous professional development (CPD) credits, it is possible to obtain your entire personal learning credits for the year through this section. After listening to the video there are three MCQs to answer and you will be issued with a certificate (for 0.5 credits) that can be uploaded to your CPD programme. In fact if you read the full article and answer a further three MCQs you will achieve one CPD point as the RCSI has accredited 1 hour to this activity.

Enjoy the videos!


Case 6: February 2016

Umbilical Hernia Repair in Patients With Signs of Portal Hypertension

By Sung W. Cho, MB, BS, MSc and Neil Bhayani, MD – American Medical Association

Case 6: MCQs on video Case 6: Download original paper (pdf) Case 6: MCQs on paper

Case 5: January 2015

Radiologic Evaluation of Alternative Sites for Needle
Decompression of Tension Pneumothorax

By By Kenji Inaba MD and Crystal Ives; – JARMA

Case 5: MCQs on video Case 5: Download original paper (pdf) Case 5: MCQs on paper


Case 4: December2015

Issues in General Surgery Residency Training

By Frank R. Lewis, MD, and Mary E. Klingensmith – Annals of Surgery

Case 4: MCQs on video Case 4: Download original paper (pdf) Case 4: MCQs on paper

Case 3: November 2015

Preoperative laboratory testing in Patients undergoing elective, low-risk Ambulatory Surgery

By J. Benarroch-Gampel from Annals of Surgery

Case 3: MCQs on video Case 3: Download original paper (pdf) Case 3: MCQs on paper



Case 2: October 2015

Appendectomy Timing. Waiting until the next morning increases the risk of surgical site infections

By Pedro Teixeira


Case 2: MCQs on video Case 2: Download original paper (pdf) Case 2: MCQs on paper


Case 1: September 2015

Systematic review of single-incision laparoscopic colonic surgery

A. K.-Y. Fung and E. H. Aly


Case 1: MCQs on video Case 1: Download original paper (pdf) Case 1: MCQs on paper